Our Brews

Many of these beers are seasonal, so check our Facebook page for what’s currently pouring.

O’ Canada Canadian Lager

This malty lager is brewed with our friends to the north in mind. Using Canadian malts, this beer lagers for 30 days before being moved into casks to further condition.

1.042 OG
4.2% ABV
14 IBUs

The Diffie Milk Stout

Originally brewed as a custom beer for 1990’s country music legend Joe Diffie. The Diffie contains lactose, which is a non­fermentable sugar which lends a sweetness to this stout and balances the big roasted and chocolate flavors.

1.064 OG
5.4% ABV
24 IBUs
Style: Milk Stout

You have to tell me if you are…

This chocolatey porter was brewed with raspberry jelly donuts from Carmel’s Square Donuts and fermented on one pound of fresh raspberries per gallon.

1.068 OG
7.2% ABV
40 IBUs
Style: Porter

Preacher Pale Ale

This malty pale ale is brewed with American malts, bittered with Centennial hops, and filled with late additions and a dry hop of Galaxy hops.

1.056 OG
6.3% ABV
36 IBUs
Style: Pale Ale


Breakfast Stout of Champions

We brewed this Breakfast Stout with unsweetened baking chocolate, Sumatran coffee beans, and oatmeal. The roastiness of the malt combines with the coffee and chocolate, giving off lots of deep, roasty flavors as well as a bitterness from the

1.058 OG
6% ABV
59 IBUs
Style: Breakfast Stout


Udderly Ridiculous IPA

One of our experimental new beers, we brewed an American IPA with a generous amount of lactose. The lactose, a non­fermentable sugar made from milk, will give us a smooth beer with some residual sweetness combined with citrus and tropical notes from the Zythos hops.

1.052 OG
5.3% ABV
46 IBUs
Style: IPA

Tad Pole’s Glory 

Brewed and named in honor of Carmel, Indiana’s roots, this big, malty barleywine is filled with caramel and dark fruit flavors.

1.085 OG
9.5% ABV
62 IBUs
Style: Barley Wine

Red Carpet Irish Ale

Our Irish Red Ale, Red Carpet, is brewed with a base of Maris Otter and a handful of caramel and roasted malts. The sweet caramel notes and a bit of roastiness leave us with a slightly sweet, slightly roasty red ale with a bit of spicy bitterness from the hops.

1.056 OG
6.3% ABV
21 IBUs
Style: Irish Ale

Under the Table Belgian Strong Ale

Brewed with six different malts and a generous amount of Belgian Candi Sugar that was made in-­house and fermented with a Belgian yeast, this beer is huge, malty, and sweet.

1.080 OG
9.7% ABV
29 IBUs
Style: Belgian Strong Ale


Double Diffie

The name says it all. This is The Diffie Milk Stout on steroids.

1.090 OG
8.2% ABV
45 IBUs
Style: Imperial Milk Stout

Fifth Day Double IPA

Brewed exclusively during baseball season and as a nod of the cap to the starters who take the hill every fifth day, this double IPA is loaded with Citra, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops.

1.074 OG
9% ABV
93 IBUs
Style: Double IPA

And the Bandit Rauchbier

Our take on the Rauchbier style, And the Bandit is a smoked beer brewed with malt that was dried over a fire. The smoke from the cherry wood imparts a sweet, smokiness in the beer that’s enough to be noticeable but not overwhelming.

1.050 OG
5.8% ABV
25 IBUs
Style: Rauchbier

The Ayatollah of Cinnamon Roll­a

Brewed with real, fresh cinnamon rolls, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, and lactose, this sweet stout is like a cinnamon roll in a glass.

1.060 OG
6.1% ABV
34 IBUs
Style: Sweet Stout