What is “Real” Ale?



Cask ale or cask-conditioned beer is the term for unfiltered and unpasteurized beer which is conditioned (includingsecondary fermentation) and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure. Cask ale may also be referred to as “real ale”, a term coined by the Campaign for Real Ale, often now extended to cover bottle-conditioned beer as well.



​The term “draught” literally translates to draw, and thats how we do it at UBC. We do not push our beer with CO2. We hand pull it with traditional beer engines drawwith sparklers to give you the perfect pour with perfect head every time. We also don’t chill our beer to the point of masking the true flavors. A common misconception is that cask ale is served warm. We chill our beer to 50 degrees before it hits your glass. This is the optimal temperature to bring out all of the complex flavors in our unique brews. One sampler will have you wondering what you have been missing all this time! If you are wondering if 50 degrees is cold enough, we invite you to come hang out in our cask room without a jacket for a while!


Let’s start with what we won’t do: We won’t compromise. We won’t cut corners. We won’t put bad beer in your glass and spin it as a crazy new style. We won’t cater to the masses..​


We will stretch boundaries. We will take chances. We will produce well rounded, great drinkable beer. We will do it by hand, in small batches of pure greatness. We will do this in a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to make you feel like you are having a pint at your own place with your friends, even if you are by yourself.

We like craft beer a lot. We love Real Ale. We think you will too! If you don’t, your next bottle of mass produced commercial light beer is on us!