About UBC

About Union Brewing Company

At Union Brewing Company, our beers are crafted on site and in two barrel batches.  The majority of our beer is moved into casks and conditioned in our cellar before being tapped and poured through our beer engines.  The cask-conditioning allows the beer to naturally carbonate itself, lending a softer and lighter mouthfeel to our ales and lagers.

Our small-batch brews can be enjoyed in our brewpub in Carmel seven days a week, and are best when enjoyed in our beer garden, which backs up to the Monon Trail.  With live music, cold beer, and a friendly atmosphere, UBC is the perfect spot to grab a few pints around the campfire or to stop off for a cold one on your bike ride or walk.


About Our Beers 

Because we brew on a smaller scale, it allows us to constantly brew new and unique beers.  Our beer list is constantly rotating, and a busy day at UBC could see as many 15 different house-made beers pouring throughout the day.

About Our Brewer 

UBC’s head brewer is Matt Pennington.  After several years as a home brewer, Matt left his job to pursue a career in brewing.  Washing kegs, cleaning tanks, and working on bottling and canning lines eventually led to an assistant brewer position in a production brewery which he held until becoming Union’s head brewer in 2014.